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Freeing Your Life

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Foot Orthotics

When I was growing up in Colorado, I enjoyed going snow skiing.  However, one of the problems that you can encounter snow skiing are repetitive stresses on the knee joints.  I was fortunate that the ski rental shop that I initially rented skis from had an in-house technician that specialised in fitting ski boots and recommended and fitted orthotics for your ski boots.  It became very evident to me just how much protection your lower extremity experienced from those orthotics. 

When my chiropractic patients come in for their initial consultation, I always evaluate the feet, ankles and knees for static and dynamic pronation problems (flat feet) and for the opposite - supination problems (an overly pronounced medial arch).  If these problems or related lower extremity problems such as a diminished anterior arch of the foot or a structural leg length problem are not corrected, all the chiropractic adjustments, massage, or pain pills in the world are not going to maintain stability.  Can you imagine taking your car in to a tyre centre because you have noticed an abnormal wear pattern on the tyres, only to buy new tyres without getting an appropriate alignment?  But wait a minute, I have heard that all I have to do is strengthen some muscles and I will be able to normalize my arches!

Strengthening or normalising muscle tone of the posterior tibialis muscle or short toe flexors may in some cases provide some level of management of improved functioning of the spring ligament which provides the main support for the medial arch, but seldom will it provide the necessary stability in moderate to severe foot problems. How about going barefoot or limiting support for the foot?

If you have one of the aforementioned foot problems or are having to work on hard surfaces or uneven terrain on a daily basis, your feet need support.  Lack of support means future problems.  In fact, the very muscles that can provide assistance to the foot ligaments will fatigue and make you susceptible to numerous injuries.  However, there are benefits for periodically going without shoes on the beach or dewy grass in the morning.  In fact, when walking on the earth barefoot free electrons from the earth transfer into your body via the soles of your feet.  These free electrons are potent antioxidants and our lack of grounding may contribute to a rise in modern diseases by allowing chronic inflammation to proliferate unchecked.  That said, your orthotics will be protecting you from biomechanical insult the rest of the time! 

Anyone can benefit from foot orthotics.  Even if you do not have a diagnosed foot problem such as pronation (flat feet) or a supination problem, but have a job or engage in activities on hard surfaces or uneven terrain, you'll benefit.  If your active, foot orthotics will help you avoid sore feet, shin splints and sore knees, hips, lower back problems, and headaches (that’s right, 10% of headaches are caused by foot pronation - flat feet).  If you already have sore heels, plantar fasciitis or aching joints; foot orthotics will significantly help in alleviating the symptoms your experiencing.  So what makes our orthotics different from our competition?

First you have to understand that there are three levels to prescribing foot orthotics; level one orthotics are called soft orthotics which can be purchased from your local pharmacy or chemist for about $45.00-75.00.  These soft orthotics are predominantly for reducing stress and will normally last about nine months.  They are not customised for a foot problem and should only be used for reducing the forces commonly associated with being weight bearing.  The second orthotic level are the heat mouldable semi-rigid foot orthotics that we prescribe.  These orthotics can be made for specific problems and have a life expectancy of about two to three years. This is the type of orthotic that is most commonly prescribed by podiatrist, physiotherapist and chiropractors.  They come in both 3/4 length and full length and will accommodate most shoes for both males and females.  The third level of orthotics are the rigid orthotics.  These are orthotics that are usually prescribed by a podiatrist for specific pathological structural changes in the foot.  Such as a foot deformity caused by diabetes. Because they are rigid,  it is important to only prescribe this type of orthotic for specific foot deformities.  The rigidity of this type of orthotic can limit inter-tarsal joint motion your body relies on for its sense of balance and thus caution must be exercised in their use.  Our orthotics can be ordered on line and customised to accommodate your activity pattern, your symptoms and the biomechanical state of your feet, ankles and knees. 

In addition, we will customize your orthotics by adding on to them appliances designed to accommodate leg length discrepancies, dropped anterior arches, severe foot pronation, severe supination, chronically painful heels, and feet subjected to regular concrete surfaces or uneven terrain that require that little bit extra cushioning. 

All you have to do is purchase the orthotics from our web store or contact us by email or phone. Then take the Freeing your Life diagnostic test which will be emailed to you. This test will allow us to fully customise your orthotics to your feet and your activity pattern. The total cost will be $175.00. That includes your online consultation, orthotics and worldwide postage!

 So please provide your body with the proper alignment for your work and play and don't insidiously develop the inevitable changes of secondary osteoarthritis which you will regret years from now!